Proposition No. 3

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On November 3rd, 2105, Harris County will hold a vote for Proposition No.3, which would designate $24 million in bonds for a Veterinary Public Health Adoption and Care Center! This would help more stray animals in our community get adopted.


About the current Harris County Shelter:

The Harris County Animal Shelter is a government shelter that is there to keep our community of pets and people safe and healthy. No animal can be turned away, even when the shelter is full. Last year, the shelter took in more than double its capacity and it currently receives about 80 animals per day.


Benefits of the New Shelter:

The new shelter would have five times as much adoption space as the current shelter, which will allow animals to be held longer. It will include a new adoption center to showcase pets and provide a space for potential owners to interact with them as well as a separate space for sick animals to be quarantined so that the other animals can stay healthy.

These benefits will help increase the number of pets who are able to find homes.

Please help the stray pets in our community have a chance to find a home and vote for Proposition No. 3!

Early voting is October 19-30 and voting is on November 3.

To learn more about Proposition No. 3 or if you would like to spread the word, visit the Harris County Animal Shelter website.