Brilliant PetLovers

What is the Brilliant PetLovers plan?

The Brilliant PetLovers plan is an electricity plan that donates to animal shelters. All you have to do is sign up for the Brilliant PetLovers plan and pay your bill! Each month, Brilliant Energy will donate a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters. The donation from an average customer who signs up for 12 months will be the equivalent of feeding an animal for 4 months!* The plan is at no extra cost to you, and allows you to help shelter animals just by living your everyday life! Sign up and start helping today!

Thank you to all of our Brilliant PetLovers customers! With your help we have donated $24,091.36 so far! This will feed 9,545 animals for a week!*

Thank you to all of our Brilliant PetLovers customers! With your help we have donated $24,091.36 so far! This will feed 9,545 animals for a week!*

How does Brilliant PetLovers help?

Shelters are constantly overcrowded and in need of donations to help them care for their animals and to help educate the community on the importance of spaying and neutering their pet. According to the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters every year and only 2.7 million are adopted each year. In addition, only 10% of animals that the shelters receive are spayed or neutered, which means that the overpopulation of stray animals is constantly growing.

The money from the Brilliant PetLovers plan is used by the shelter to help fulfill their many needs. This can include providing food and medication, conducting spay/neuter surgeries, and educating the community on responsible pet ownership. Ready to join the effort? Sign up today!

Why did Brilliant Energy create the Brilliant PetLovers plan?

Brilliant Energy is a company full of self-proclaimed animal lovers. As such, many of us were aware of the help that shelters desperately needed. We had often held food, toy, and towel drives internally, but wanted to do more. We started by promoting adoption to the community, first through posting adoptable animals to our social media every week, and then by having the Professor adopt Beep (read the story here)! We then started looking for a way to give back to the shelters more often - which led to the creation of the Brilliant PetLovers plan! We are incredibly proud of the success it has had so far and are very excited to watch it continue to grow. We hope that you choose to start helping animals in shelters today!

The Professor and his adopted dog, Beep

The Professor and his adopted dog, Beep

Our Partners

We are grateful to work with so many wonderful organizations that are helping in the fight against animal overpopulation and spreading the word about our Brilliant PetLovers plan!

*Statistics source: ASPCA