8 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool and Safe This Summer

As the days get longer and the summer gets hotter, make sure your pets stay safe so that they can get the most out of these remaining months.

1.    Use a kiddie pool

If your pets love to play in the yard, keep a kiddie pool outside so they have a cool spot to lounge. They may even love to play in the water!

2.    Watch out for hot concrete

Although your pets always walk around barefoot, the padding on the bottom of your pets’ feet is still sensitive to extremely hot concrete. Walk them earlier in the morning or in the evening when the concrete has cooled, or take a route that includes a lot of grass and shaded concrete.

Nugget in Life Jacket.jpg

3.    Use life jackets

If you have a smaller friend or one who’s not a strong swimmer, life jackets at the pool are a safe choice. If you are boating or otherwise floating on a body of water, it’s safest to put even larger pets in life jackets as the water is a lot deeper and the current is stronger.

4.    Circulate the air in your home

It’s a big money saver to turn up you’re A/C a few degrees during the day when it’s hottest outside, but if you have an indoor pet, make sure it’s not too hot in the house. More importantly, make sure there is air circulation. Fans are a great way to consistently circulate air and they use a lot less electricity than the A/C.

5.    Be careful with their coat

Fur may seem like a miserable thing to have in the summer, but depending on the breed of your dog, their full coat may be very important during all four seasons. Many dogs have coats that are not really that hot, and they serve other purposes like protecting their sensitive skin from the sun. If trimmed, some coats can never grow back properly, or at the very least will take a long time to do so. Research the coat of your dog to find out the best way to groom them.

6.    Provide shade

Dogs need sun protection too, so make sure they have a nice shady spot to relax and cool off if they are in the yard.

7.    Don’t leave them in your car

If you’ve ever gotten in your car in the middle of a summer day, you know how hot it can get. Sometimes, the seats even burn us when we sit down! Imagine being locked in a car that is sitting in the heat, even for a few minutes. If you must leave your pets in the car, leave the air conditioner going or leave windows open. The safest solution is to have someone in the car stay with them so that there are capable hands making sure it isn’t too hot and making sure all creatures and cars are safe.

8.    Provide lots of drinking water

It’s not just heat that causes danger for pets; dehydration is also very unsafe for our furry friends. Whether your pet stays inside or outside, make sure they have plenty of water throughout the day.

The important thing to remember is if it’s uncomfortable or unsafe for you, it’s usually the same or worse for your pets. Be mindful of your pets to have the most fun and safe summer!