Brilliant Pets’ Greatest Fears

Halloween can be a terrifying time for anyone. There are wicked witches and ghastly ghouls that can appear around every corner. However, sometimes it can also be the everyday things that frighten our furry loved ones the most. Brilliant Energy asked our employees about what their pets fear the most. Most you and your pets can relate to and others may bring a smile to your face.

Here’s what Brilliant’s pets fear the most.

“Water. Puppyhood trauma,” simply states Joseph about his dog Sunshine.

Maybe someday he’ll offer some insight into what exactly that trauma is.

“Water,” echoes Simonne “Moby is terrified of water because as a puppy he was chasing a tennis ball that went into the river. He was running in the ankle deep part then unexpectedly sank straight down and panicked when he reached the deep end.”



Well, at least someone was willing to share the details about their fears.

Jessica’s dog Sadie isn’t a fan of the unexpected either.

“Anything out of the norm, from a strange flashing to a person unexpectedly appearing, she high-tails it the opposite direction.”

Speaking of high-tailing away...



Tim says his dog Popcorn was abused by his previous owners. They would tie him to a tree and throw fireworks at him on the Fourth of July. Luckily for Popcorn, he left his abusive family far behind. However, he now has a healthy dose of fear of thunder and lightning.

“Years later, Popcorn was brought in the house due to heavy rains and thunderstorms. During the night, my brother was yelling out to me to turn on the light. I got up, rushed to the light switch, and flipped it on. My brother was yelling he was having an exorcism and when the light came on I saw his bed moving back and forth. [It was] rising and lowering at about the same time a big thunder sounded, and I started laughing. My brother [got] mad at me for laughing and yelled at me to look under his bed. I already knew what was happening: Popcorn was looking for a safe place to take cover and he was too big to fit under the bed, which caused the bed to be lifted.”

Thunder and lightning may be scary, but nothing’s more frightening than cleaning.

“My labradoodle Bruno runs from the vacuum,” says Nadia “For some reason I believe that he thinks it is out to get him. Bruno is so huge and he doesn’t realize it is much smaller than him.”









Cooper protecting the neighborhood from the Halloween decorations.

Cooper protecting the neighborhood from the Halloween decorations.


Bruno isn’t the only one who thinks inanimate objects are evil incarnate. At least Fernando’s dog knows what’s really going on with those paper mache ghouls swaying in the trees.

“When on our daily walks, Cooper is always very suspicious of any new Halloween decorations and sometimes he gets caught off guard and runs away scared.”












Riley and her brother Bear

Riley and her brother Bear


And people, well, they can be terrifying as well.

“When I bought my house, my dog, Riley, immediately let me know something was amiss,” says Kynndra “Every morning at 2:18 a.m. she would steadily start growling and barking at the corner of the room. After two weeks of this happening like clockwork, I had accepted my house was haunted. My husband, however, was not convinced and soon realized we have a very punctual neighbor who works the swing-shift. Riley and I thought it was for sure a poltergeist. She now has a partner-in-crime, Bear, to assist with monitoring for “paranormal activity.”

So there you have it -- what Brilliant’s pets fear the most. Share what your pets are afraid of on social media using #BrilliantPetFears.