Find the Perfect Bed for Your Pet

They say a good night’s rest will help you tackle your day. To achieve this, it helps if you have a good bed to rest your head on every night. While pet owners know what type of bed they’re most comfortable in, the same isn’t always true when it comes to selecting one for their furry friends. To help make sense of the myriad of bed choices Brilliant Energy did some digging so you’ll know just which bed is best for your best (cat or dog) friend.

For pets who hog the bed: pillow beds
We’ll go ahead and get this one out of the way; if you’ve ever shared a bed with your pet who takes up more than his fair share of space, then this may be the best pet bed for him. Pillow or cushion beds are easy to spot because they look exactly as they’re described; as a giant pillow. This type comes in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors so you can get the perfect one to fit your pet’s personality. Just make sure you get one large enough so they can easily stretch out for some extended zzz’s.

For pillow lovers: donut or bolster beds
The donut or bolster bed is typically round in shape and has large bolsters on either side or wrapped around the entire bed. The bottom can also be cushioned. Experts say this type of bed is best for pets who like to rest their heads against a pillow or lean against something for extra support. This type may be best for smaller dogs who like the security of something wrapped around them, and for dogs who like to curl up in a small space, which helps them retain body heat.

For pets who burrow: hooded beds
Think of this type of bed as a little bat cave for smaller dogs and cats. They are similar to donut beds because they offer security and added warmth that some pets prefer. However, the design is different because the top part of the bed extends higher and wider, like a hutch on a desk or a clamshell, making it an even more secure option for pets who are a little skittish and want to ensure no one can approach them from behind.

For pets who love the outdoors: cots
If your pet enjoys spending all day outside, why not get them a napping cot? These are typically elevated off the ground so your pet can rest in peace without nature’s critters disturbing their slumbers. The cots are usually made of a high-density mesh fabric, making them mite resistant and waterproof, so spot cleaning can be a breeze. The breathable mesh material can also make things more comfortable for your pet in extreme weather situations (hot or cold weather) when extended contact with the ground is less than ideal.

For those hot summer days: cool mats
Speaking of the outdoors, a cooling bed or mat may become your pet’s preferred spot when things are sweltering. Some versions allow you to fill them with water for an instantly cool bed. While others are gel-filled mats that cool your pet down as soon as they sit on them. Like cots they are easy to clean, work well both indoors and out, and are covered in a tear-resistant material.

For those chilly winter nights: heated beds
Heated beds work in different ways, similar to cool beds: some require electricity to work, while others are lined with heat-retaining materials that are activated by your pet’s body warmth. Cats, small dogs, and small large-breed dogs (i.e. Greyhounds) will especially enjoy these types of beds, as well as older pets who need the heat to soothe stiff joints. Self-heating mats contain a Mylar sheet that reflects the pet’s own body heat, offering limited warmth. Pluggable warming beds may be better for elderly dogs and pets seeking warmth in colder temperatures, like a barn, garage, or porch. If you opt for a pluggable mat, make sure you purchase one that is MET listed, meaning it’s obtained a product safety certification by a national leading testing facility.

For pets with achy joints: orthopedic beds
Orthopedic beds and mats are similar to pillow beds, but they’re more of a mattress shape, which provides the support older dogs and cats need. These can be more expensive, but are well worth it as they’re filled with contouring gel/foam or extra cushioning to prevent painful pressure points from overwhelming your pet. These beds are also low to the ground making it easier for your elderly pet to get in and out of it. Ortho beds are also a great drug-free therapy option, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association: “simple changes in your home such as orthopedic pet beds, raised feeding platforms, stairs and ramps may also help your older pet deal with arthritis.” While a mattress-shaped bed is a prominent design, orthopedic beds actually come in a variety of shape and sizes, so you can easily find the right ortho-combo cave bed, bolster bed, or heated bed for your older furry friend.

For small pets who like to daydream: window perches
While window perches are traditionally designed for cats, these could easily work well for smaller dogs, too. (Just place some pet stairs nearby!) Window perches are attached directly to a window, either with suction cups, heavy-duty Velcro, screws, or a combination of the three. Since these are right in front of the window your pet gets both the best views of the outside world and direct sunlight to help them warm up while taking a long cat (or dog) nap.