6 Fun Ways to Keep Your Family’s Brains Active during Summer

Summer is here, which means students everywhere are celebrating freedom from school for a few months. You’ve probably heard that students forget much of what they learned during summer, but summer school isn’t the only way to keep learning. There are countless ways to keep your students’ minds active even when they’re not in school.

Summer Camp
There are many different types of summer camps, both sleepaway and day camps, that can help your kids stay active and keep learning. Whether your child loves space, playing an instrument, or just wants to have a good time with friends, camps can help them stay occupied and meet new people.

Computer games
Although summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors and not spend all day on the computer, spending a little time on fun learning games can keep your kids’ minds stimulated during the lull between school years. 

Weekly Class
This could be a fun experience for the whole family. Look into community centers and other organizations nearby to find art classes, yoga classes, and many other activities. 

Self-Taught Skills
If you’re looking to do something fun and educational while also saving money, there are a lot of websites and organizations that give free classes and tutorials. People have learned languages, instruments, and other skills just by watching tutorials on YouTube and other free sites. There are also many local organizations that meet to learn skills together for free or for a small fee.  

Sports are a great way to get the whole family outside and exercising. Sports camps and teams for kids and families are very common in the summer. You could also just play as a family on a regular basis or invite your friends to join.

Another inexpensive way to keep your family’s brains active this summer is a good old-fashioned trip to the public library. Books are a great way to get some mental stimulation and have an adventure without getting too much of the Texas heat.