The Professor Shares Beep's Adoption Story and Gives Helpful Pet Parent Resources

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I have been very happy with my opportunity to help our customers with their electricity questions, but I realized I would like someone to enjoy it with. Naturally, being a part of Brilliant Energy, I love animals. I always introduce the Pets of the Week on Brilliant Energy’s Facebook page and volunteer at shelters. Being around all of those adorable animals makes it very tempting to bring one home. Also, when I go home, it’s become a little less enjoyable to read my energy news alone. For that reason, I decided to adopt a pet.

I first made sure I would be a good pet owner and decided what kind of pet would be happiest in my home. To do this, I used local resources such as animal shelters and other dog owners to get tips on which pet to choose and how to be a responsible pet owner. After my research, I decided that a dog would be happiest partaking in my upbeat lifestyle. I prepared for my new friend using the tips that were given to me by the shelters as well as our wonderful followers on social media and began to search for the perfect pup at the local shelters.

Only a few days later, an adorable dog with floppy cheeks and a bright and happy face was brought into the shelter. There was a spark at first sight, as if there was an electric connection between us. I thought I was fully prepared to have a new friend, but I was not prepared for this! He was smart and playful. As I spent time with him at the shelter, the dog would imitate everything I did, which made it very easy to teach him tricks. Due to his very playful nature and talkativeness, I decided to name him Beep.

Beep and I are already very close. He loves my home and his new toys, including my Brilliant Energy stress ball. He loves to nap, but he won’t say no to play time or walks. Since Brilliant Energy loves dogs at work, Beep accompanied me at work today and he loves lending a helping paw around the office. He is not only my new companion at home, but at work too!

See how you can help others find their new best friend!

Here are some helpful resources you can use if you are thinking about adopting a pet or if you would like to see some tips for your current pet:

Pet Tips: Dallas Animal Services

Pet Care: ASPCA

Adopt a Pet: Harris County Animal Shelter

Pet Care: CAP4Pets