7 Things to Do This Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is a great weekend to take trips and enjoy our extra time off. Although trips are nice, those of us who stay in town can finally have an extra day off when we’re not preparing for or recovering from our holiday events! If you are staying in town and just don’t know what to do with this extra free time, here are some fun and productive activities to do this coming Monday.

Go shopping

Several stores and other places have Memorial Day deals.

Mini Road Trip

Spend the day at a local attraction, lake, or beach just outside the city.


Bask in the glory of having nothing to do. Relax and have a little you time.

Visit a museum, zoo, or other attraction

Visit a local attraction and maybe see an exhibit that you haven’t had time to see.   


Use this day to finish up your spring cleaning.


Meet friends for a class or go on a nice long run.

Remember what the day is about

Take some time today to remember those who make huge sacrifices for our benefit. There are several organizations through which you and your family can show your appreciation with activities like writing a thank you letter to a soldier and their family.

Have a happy Memorial Day!