Graduate into Adulthood with Pinterest!

Graduation is one of the most exciting times of your life, but it’s also one of the scariest. After the tassel is turned and the diploma is in hand, the realizations about the “real world” really start to hit. Luckily, you’re not alone. Nobody actually has it all figured out and everyone will realize that the transition from college student to adult will take time. Many college graduates, both new and old, love to share their wisdom and experiences with the new graduating class. Check out some wise words on our Post Grad Pinterest board. As new grads, there are a few major hurdles that we all face:

Finding a Career
This is perhaps the most obvious challenge considering this is what you have spent the last few years trying to find. This tends to be a touchy subject for many of us who may not be graduating with a job lined up. Even if it feels like you are the only one in this situation, you are definitely not. It may take a bit longer to find the right fit. In the meantime, don’t panic and focus on bettering your skills during your job search. If you already have a job, there’s still a lot to figure out while starting a new career. Job or no job, these life tips will help you while you start to figure out your career path.

Settling Into a New Home
If you are moving out of your parents’ house, it may take a bit of your personality on the walls to make your new place feel like home. Check out our home decor board for some easy and inexpensive ideas for decorations. If your rental is a bit strict, check out more home-making ideas on our board for the apartment dwellers.  

Developing a Social Life
If you’re moving to a new city or back to your hometown, you may find yourself in need of some new friends. In college, you had a lot of friends close by and it seemed like you could make a new friend just by stepping outside your door. Although it seems more difficult to make friends as an adult, there are a lot of ways you can meet new people.

Check out our other boards for more shared knowledge. Enjoy this time of transition because it is exciting and the difficult challenges will pass. Congratulations and good luck!