Tips for Doing a Brilliant Job on Your Finals

Finals are just around the corner! For anyone going through yet another set of tests or any other challenge, use these tips to get you through it.

Eat healthy.
It’s the end of the semester and you’re very tempted to start eating takeout every day. After all, you don’t want to load up your refrigerator right before you leave for the summer, right? Takeout might be slightly quicker than going to the grocery store and cooking, but healthy food is much better for retaining information and energy. If you are on a time crunch, try splitting the cooking and shopping duties with your roommates or friends. That will also help with the daunting full-fridge conundrum.

Get sleep.
All-nighters are another tempting activity during finals, but they are not worth it. Very few people, if any, can work off of little or no sleep and actually retain information, much less recall that information during a test. You’d be better off sleeping with your notes under your pillow.

Work out.
Out of any time of the year, finals time is the time when a boost in mood and energy is most needed. Working out gets your blood pumping and causes the release of endorphins, which gives you more energy in the long run and prevents you from going study-crazy.

Study with a group.
Studying with a group helps you socialize a bit, which helps limit burn-out and can help you be more productive. Just make sure to balance studying with socializing!

Study alone.
After a while of studying with friends, it’s probably inevitable that you will become less productive than you should be. Carve out some study time alone either before or after group study sessions so you can make sure you’ve fully processed the information.

Take breaks.
Nobody can study all day and actually retain the information. Take good breaks to recharge your brain.

Pace yourself.
This is a very important habit to develop as it makes these other actions possible. Instead of cramming, pace yourself so that you can prevent burnout and retain all of the information.

Set Daily goals.
Setting daily goals, and actually achieving those goals, will make it easy to pace yourself. Make sure your goals are realistic but not too relaxed.

Reward yourself.
Give yourself small rewards throughout the studying process. Reward yourself each time you reach a goal and give yourself a big reward after a job well-done on your finals.