Home Remedies to Get You Through Spring

We are well into spring, which means we are well into allergy season! Allergy medicines can help but they can also get expensive, and some of us would rather try a more natural route. These are some practices of allergy sufferers that may help you enjoy this season a bit more.

Eat local honey.
It is a common practice to eat local honey so that you can familiarize your body with the environment of your area and the allergens in it. This may be especially helpful to allergy sufferers who have recently moved, as their bodies are probably not used to the allergens in the area. Honey is often used by itself, but many bloggers love to combine local honey with other remedies. You can find local honey at a local farmer’s market.

Use essential oils.
The Confident Mom
tried essential oils in a few different ways and has found great success for herself and her family by using these, along with a few other edible remedies.

Take a dose of turmeric and honey.
If you’re feeling brave, Be Radiant Be You has a recipe that is strong in its effect as well as its taste. With ingredients like lemon zest, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar, this remedy can give your allergies the kick they need.

Add nettle leaf to your diet.
This plant is a family staple for the author of Fresh Bites Daily. In her article, she has shared a few ways in which she uses the leaf to help ease the extreme allergies in her family.

Start inside the home.
Rather than just fighting the allergens that are already in your body, try preventing the allergens from entering in the first place. Your home should be a place where you can escape the allergens and let your sinuses have some peace. The author of Two Twenty One shares her quick tips for reducing the allergens in your home.