9 Texas Favorites You Need to Enjoy This Month

Although Texas winter can feel like spring at times, we always have to prepare for the possibility of a cold front in the next five minutes. Once March comes along, we can mostly say goodbye to the cold weather. In Texas, March is the beginning of our small window of time when we receive the elusive “not too hot, not too cold” weather. Be sure to enjoy all of the springtime favorites in this great state.   


The rodeo is an event to look forward to all year and all over the state. Lasting all month long, there are too many concerts and other events to choose just one.


This is the perfect weather to go outside and enjoy the various festivals that are planned this month, including South by Southwest, Zilker Kite Festival, and the North Texas Irish Festival.

Daylight Savings

It’s almost time to switch your clocks over and get more sunlight in your day.


Our beautiful state flowers are back in season, and posing for pictures of them will never be too cliché.

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

The beginning of warmer weather means we will be seeing more of our wonderful farmers markets stocked with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Road trips


The weather is perfect to see some beautiful sights on a Texas-style road trip. Texas has so many small towns with their own unique flair, so be sure to visit them.


If you want to spend as much time in this weather as possible, camping is the way to do it. The weather at night is just chilly enough that a campfire and blankets are still comfortable, and the daytime is nice enough to hang out by the camp site all day.


Much of Texas may be flat, but there are still some beautiful areas to hike, including Enchanted Rock, Big Bend, and a number of nature walks if you’re not into climbing.  


If you love a good breeze, some cool water, and water sports, Texas lakes and beaches are great this month. Just watch out for the spring breakers in South Padre.

Texas is beautiful this time of the year, so we encourage you to get outside and enjoy it! Happy March!