10 Last-Minute Spring Break Activities That Are Close to Home

The time for spring break is here! If you didn’t plan anything or just want to avoid the crowd, try these fun and easy last-minute activities while you take these wonderful weeks to spend time with your friends and family.

Go camping in your backyard.

yard camp.jpg

If you want to get in touch with nature close to home, try having a campout in your backyard. Go all out and pack s’mores material, canned beans, and a flashlight.

Host a movie night.


Have a cheap movie night at home with your typical movie snacks and a marathon of your favorite flicks.

Do some gardening.

If you have a green thumb, go out with your family on a nice day and pick out some flowers to plant.

Visit a museum.

If you or your kids don’t want to completely forget about education for the week, visit a local museum.

Arts & Crafts

Show your creative side and spend some fun friend and family time being crafty.

Have a picnic lunch.

Spring is a great time for a picnic lunch because it is warm without the summer heat and bugs. In this beautiful weather, food just tastes better outside.

Watch a drive-in movie.

If you would rather enjoy a comfortable favorite outdoors, there are several drive-in movie theaters in Texas that would only require a mini road trip. You could also create a makeshift drive-in with just a projector and a sheet.


Take this time to do something good for your community and make some new friends.

Take your furry friends to the park.

Your spring break is also your pets’ spring break! They are ecstatic that more of the family is home during the weekday and, as always, want to spend time with their humans. Let them enjoy their spring break and take them out for a good time.

Participate in various activities in town.

Organizations and businesses, both new and old, are constantly hosting various events in town. If you live in the Houston or Dallas area, check out our Facebook page every Thursday for activities in the area.

We hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing spring break!