14 Loving Gestures to Celebrate the 14th

Whether you're a sucker for romance or just like to find an excuse to be sweet, Valentine's Day is always a fun holiday for designated displays of love and appreciation. This Saturday, try to show love to your significant others as well as your friends and family.

1.    Put their towel or clothes in the dryer while they are in the shower.

There are few things in life that feel better than warm clothes fresh out of the dryer.

2.    Bake or cook something for them.

If they are normally the cook in the house, this can give them a much-appreciated break. If you are the cook, try something different or make their favorite food.

3.    Leave love notes in random places.

Since we are fortunate enough to have Valentine’s Day on Saturday this year, this may be difficult to do with a significant other if you are spending the day together. Try doing this with a good friend and show them how much you love them.

4.    Clean the house.

One thing that almost reaches the level of freshly-dried clothes is coming home to a clean house.

5.    Buy them their favorite sweets.

If they have a favorite type of sweet treat that is difficult to find, this gesture can be particularly special and appreciated.

6.    Do their favorite activities with them.

If there is an activity that they like to do but doesn’t interest you, try participating with them.

7.    Prepare their toothbrush.

This gesture is insignificant but still enough to make someone smile.

8.    Get creative.

Sometimes a hand-made and thoughtful gift, even if it’s small, shows a lot about how much you care. You can get some fun and creative gift ideas from our For Your Valentine board on Pinterest.

9.    Treat them to a favorite activity at home.

Prepare a DIY spa day or set up the big speakers and television with a game and a cold drink next to their favorite chair.

10. Fill their gas tank

This subtle gesture is always appreciated, especially in those Texas suburbs.

11. Pick up the tab

This might be more appreciated to do for a friend since it isn’t a usual occurrence like it may be with a significant other.


12. Send a package

If you live in a different city, send them a package with small gifts and treats.

13. Pick up their dry cleaning.

Photo by icangrun/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by icangrun/iStock / Getty Images

Run errands for them so that they are able to relax at home or take some time for themselves.

14. Buy them something that they wouldn’t normally buy themselves.

We all see those things in the stores that we really like, but don’t let ourselves get. Buy something that they saw but couldn’t justify buying for themselves.

Some of us don't have a special person to spend Saturday with, or just aren't into the whole Valentine's Day thing. Look on the bright side, candy will be so cheap tomorrow! For all of you lone-wolves and others who avoid the cheesiness, remember to do one thing this weekend:

15. Treat yourself.

Don’t forget to love yourself. Indulge on your favorite sweets or junk food, guiltlessly enjoy your guilty pleasure television (ahem, The Bachelor), and finally buy that thing you’ve been wanting.