How Brilliant Energy Supports Animals

At Brilliant Energy, our pets are part of our family. We realize that not all pets have a family and we’re working to change that every day by lighting the proverbial way.

A few years ago, Brilliant Energy created the Brilliant PetLovers plan to provide our customers with an easy way to support local animals by simply lighting up their homes. We met with several shelters, analyzed their needs and determined Harris County Animal Shelter would benefit the most through a partnership. This Houston-based shelter is required to accept every animal (even when they don’t have space), compared to other shelters that may refuse to house animals when they’re full. As a result, the Harris County shelter took in over twice its capacity last year. Just in the past year, we have donated enough through the Brilliant PetLovers plan to feed approximately 2,131 animals for one week!* (And you can feel confident knowing the funds are directly benefiting the animals as the donations are being used for their welfare instead of administrative costs.)

Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, you can still support animals in need by signing up for the Brilliant PetLovers plan. Every customer who joins Brilliant PetLovers plan for 12 months will help us donate enough to care for an equivalent of one animal in the shelter for four months.* We believe in finding every animal a home so much that the Brilliant PetLovers plan is priced the same as our standard plan. “We have a passion for helping as many animals as possible,” says Kynndra Clementi, a spokeswoman for Brilliant Energy. “All you have to do is use electricity to be a part of this, and you will be helping so many animals that come into the shelter.”

Our dedication to the animal community doesn’t stop there.

Our employees have shown their love for animals by participating in various drives for pet toys, food, and towels as well as volunteering at several pet-related events. On our social media, we actively promote adoptable animals and other pet-related information. We also support local pet-centric initiatives, including the recently passed Harris County’s Proposition 3. Prop 3 was a $24 million bond allowing the county's animal shelter to create five times more kennel space and build a new adoption center.

Brilliant Energy also ran a pet costume contest, and the benefits extended beyond the winning pet. For each vote an animal received, we donated $1 to Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP services Houston and San Antonio residents by providing reduced-cost pet vaccinations, spay and neuter surgeries, heartworm preventative care and more. At the conclusion of the October 2015 costume contest, Brilliant Energy donated more than $8,500 to SNAP.

As you can see, our commitment to animals definitely lights our way. Through the years, we have shown our love for animals and had the opportunity to connect with many others who feel the same. We always welcome the chance to meet new pet lovers and connect with other organizations. Our hope is that one day we can help find a forever home for every animal.

You can view our current pet-related events and information on our Facebook page.

Click here to learn more about our Brilliant PetLovers plan.

*Statistics source: ASPCA