5 Crafty Activity Ideas for Thanksgiving Day

The center of almost everyone’s Thanksgiving is food, and understandably so. However, there are many activities that you and your family can create whether you want to have more quality time, remind everyone to be thankful or just keep everyone out of the kitchen until meal time. We’ve pinned a few favorites to help everyone have a fun day.

Crafts for the Kids Table
Sometimes kids need a little help entertaining themselves, especially when they’re waiting to eat. To keep the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews from getting in the way or ruining their meal, try occupying them with these fun crafts.

Thanksgiving Bingo
This fun and easy activity can keep the whole family entertained while facilitating a little competitive spirit. This site also provides free printable cards.

Thankful Garland
Help incorporate the reason for the season with this appreciative garland. Have everyone write down what they’re thankful for on their own paper leaf and hang them up in your home.

Family Trivia
This is a great way to have family members, both new and old, get to know each other. If you’re lucky, you may even uncover a great embarrassing story. This game can be done in various ways and allows everyone to participate and have fun.

Thanksgiving Games for Adults
Do you have adults that need a little help staying out of the kitchen? This site has several fun Thanksgiving-themed adult games. This is another great way for your family to have more quality time together. It’s also a great ice breaker if a relative brings a visitor or a new family member.

For more Thanksgiving activity ideas, visit our Thanksgiving Pinterest page!