10 Fun Facts About the Super Bowl

Many of us here in the great state of Texas love nothing more than watching football on Sundays, making the Super Bowl an event you can’t miss. If the game, commercials, and halftime performance are not entertaining enough, read these 10 fun facts about the Super Bowl.


1. 9 of the 10 most-watched U.S. television programs in history were Super Bowls.


2. NBC is charging $4.5 million for a 30- second ad during the Super Bowl.



3. One out of every 12 people watching the game only does so to see the commercials.

Can you blame them?


4. The Browns, Lions, Jaguars and Texans are the only teams to never appear in a Super Bowl.

Hopefully next year we can say that both of our Texas teams have been there!

5. Whitney Houston, who performed the game’s most famous rendition of the national anthem before Super Bowl XXV, sold more than one million copies of her version, which became a Top 20 single.


6. Only three people (Mike Ditka, Tom Flores and Tony Dungy) have won the Super Bowl as both player and coach.


7. Every year, there are 72 footballs used for the Super Bowl.




8. The Super Bowl is the second highest day of food consumption after Thanksgiving.


9. Typically, antacid sales increase 20 percent the day after the game.


Super bowl food is not exactly a healthy feast.


10.  Electricity usage plummets during the Super Bowl.

We’re not talking about the stadium blackout during Super Bowl XLVII. Before the game, electricity tends to increase due to cooking snacks and other preparations. During the game, people gather around one television in large groups instead of watching multiple televisions at once like they would during a normal day.


We hope you have fun and wish the best for fans from both sides during Super Bowl XLIX!


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