5 Fun and Unconventional Ways to Use Less Electricity This Fall

Summer is officially over in Texas, and many of us cannot say we’re sad to see it go. Fall is a great season in the Lone Star State, complete with beautiful colors, even more beautiful weather, and a new season of sports. The cooler weather brings welcome changes in energy: cheaper gas prices, cheaper electricity, and an increase in our own energy as the cooler weather creates a new pep in our step and the draining hot weather moves on. Let’s augment the low prices this season by turning off our lights, (finally) turning down our A/Cs, and using our newfound energy to enjoy these fun ways to save on electricity.

#1 Go outside.
You don’t want to be stuck inside in this perfect weather, and Fall is full of fun outdoor activities. Go to a sporting event or join a team. Don’t stop at a summer vacation; spend more time with your family this Fall with a picnic lunch, a visit to your local park, or a camping trip. Make chores a little more fun by creating leaf piles for your kids or give your pets more attention by walking them a little longer.

#2 Have a fancy candlelit dinner.
Make your dinner more romantic or have a dressy dinner party by decorating and lighting up your table with candles. Candles are a great way to create an ambiance and many candles can help repel those pesky mosquitos while you enjoy an outdoor dinner.

#3 Go camping inside.
If the evenings are chilly or you don’t have time for an outdoor trip, take your kids camping in the comfort of your own home! Grab some old sheets for a tent and get creative with your furniture to find the perfect spot.  

#4 Go to bed early.
Everyone could use more sleep. Let saving electricity be a motivational tool to get some rest.

#5 Create your own starry night.
For those of us that live in the city or have busy evenings, it can be difficult to find the stars. Make your own stars with this simple craft: punch holes in a piece of black construction paper and place the paper in the inside edge of a jar; then place a flashlight in the jar. Punch holes in the lid and and close the lid onto the jar. Enjoy your own set of stars in your home.
(This craft can also be a great night light!)  

Summer might have given many of us cabin fever as we took shelter by the A/C, but Fall is the time to enjoy the outdoors and be glad that you live in Texas, where it’s still nice during this time of the year. Take advantage of this wonderful weather and spend some time outside with your family this season.