What Lights Me Up

In honor of the New Year quickly approaching, I’ve decided that it would be good to take a step back and think about what makes me happy – or lights me up. Perhaps by paying attention to these things, I can make sure to incorporate them into my life more. Here are five things that light me up:

1)      Books that I can’t put down. I love books that are so good that they absorb you right into their world, and you keep reading because you need to know what happens. Or because you don’t even realize how much time has passed. When the 7th Harry Potter book came out, I stayed up ALL night reading it. I didn’t even realize the whole night had passed until my alarm went off for me to wake up for cross country practice.

2)      Getting dressed up and going out. I love when I have a reason to dress up a little nicer – even if it is just because someone decides that everyone should dress up for dinner a certain night. It changes the mood, and makes the event just a little more special. Plus, I love getting a chance to pull out the clothes that I don’t get to wear as often and show them off.

3)      Staying up and talking about life – especially outside. There’s just something magical about staying up late and having good conversation. The conversations can get a little weird and out there sometimes, but that’s the best part of these nights. In my experience, it’s even better if you are stargazing, staring at the ocean, or in the dark. Maybe because you aren’t so focused on the other person, you feel able to speak more freely.

4)      New adventures. Taking on new challenges, exploring new places, experiencing new things… adventures are always exciting. When I moved to Houston, I had the best time researching cool things in the city and exploring. I went to museums, parks, monuments, shows… and loved every second.

5)      Noticing the beauty of the world. Do you ever randomly take extra notice of the world around you? Sometime I’ll be driving home from work, and notice how much I love the way the trees look. Whenever I take a moment to notice the beauty around me, it lights me up with joy. In this same vein, I love going camping, hiking, or anywhere else that helps me take notice of the beauty.

Most people make resolutions, and this year I’ve decided that my goal is to incorporate more of what makes me happy. By keeping this list in mind, I hope to make a conscious effort to do these things more often. Now that I’ve shared some of the things that light me up, I want to know… what lights you up?