Easy Ways to Spread some Holiday Cheer

Spread a little joy this holiday season to those who may need it more than you think. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to do something big, but even the smallest actions can make someone's day. Here are a few ways to make someone feel loved.

Tell someone that you're thinking of them, even if it's just in an email or on social media.

Make goodie plates for your neighbors.

Pay for someone's coffee.

Help a family member with their house chores.

Give small gifts to your mailman, local fire and police departments, and other members of your community that help you out every day.



Go though your things and donate anything that you don't need.

If you and your family or friends want to do something a little bigger, become layaway angels and get together to help someone buy gifts for their family.

There are so many thoughtful ways to spread holiday cheer that will hopefully continue throughout the year. We hope that you and your family can have fun doing something nice for someone in your community this season! How do you spread holiday cheer?