Riley's Adoption Story

We want to share a special post today written by Kynndra, one of our team members, about the wonderful experience she has had with her sweet puppy, Riley and about how it all began.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you our conversations will eventually lead to a discussion about dogs and cats, or as I prefer to call them – “babies.” My wonderful friend knew I’d been longing for a puppy for a couple years and for an upcoming holiday, she said she wanted to fulfill my dream.  When she told me I screamed and ran to hug her. I’m not sure who was more excited about the prospect because we both spent several hours perusing adoption sites with hopeful anticipation of finding the “perfect” puppy. Then, I saw her – she was tiny, with bushy eyebrows above her gorgeous, deep brown eyes, and my heart absolutely melted. SHE was the one and I immediately called the shelter where she was being housed. They informed me her name was “Cherry” and that she was born at the facility to a female Cockapoo and a male Chihuahua, making her a “Cockapoochi!” I of course scheduled an appointment as quickly as possible!

I would say that on an excitement scale of one to ten, I had capped out at about three hundred. I woke up extremely early the morning of our appointment, having been too anxious to sleep. My fiancée, Bobby, and I met my friend at her house and caravanned our way to Sugarland. We drove up to the facility and as I scanned the yard, my eyes immediately locked on a playpen with four fluffy puppies yipping. I slowly approached the pen and recognized her immediately. The shelter Coordinator approached me and I gave him my appointment time and asked permission to hold Cherry. He tried to point her out to me since they looked similar, but I didn’t need help - she and I had been staring at one another for a while.

When I reached down to pick her up, she came over to me and nestled up against my hair. Bobby had never been too keen on the idea of adopting a puppy, but as soon as he saw her, I knew he was as hooked as I was. I asked if he wanted to hold her, and he reached his arms out for her. That was the moment she stole his heart. We quickly proceeded with the adoption process for the newly dubbed Riley. I was snapped back into reality when we went to tell the Coordinator we wanted to take her home.  I tried to hold back my tears as I heard the barks echoing throughout the facility, praying those dogs too would find a forever home. We hurriedly completed the paperwork and began exiting toward the car when two more adoptions took place!

We parted ways with my friend and took Riley to the closest veterinarian’s office for a check-up. She fell asleep on Bobby’s shoulder on the short drive. The doctor pronounced our one pound of fluff to be in overall good health and we set off to introduce her to our precious cats, Mjö and Harper. Walking into our home, we were greeted immediately by them. They were very curious as to what the brown ball was in their dad’s arms. We set Riley on the floor and she walked over to them. Mjö bopped her on the head with his paw, and Harper sniffed her rear. They’ve been great friends ever since, spending their days napping with one another and occasionally playing chase!

While she loves playing with the cats, another of her favorite things to do is come to work with me at Brilliant Energy. On days that she comes, I’ll ask her first thing “Do you want to go to work?” and she cocks her head and wags her tail all while running to grab her leash! I’m lucky enough to work with wonderful people that I enjoy spending my time with. My coworkers brightly greet Riley and dote on her when she visits. They’ve made her feel so at ease that she scampers down the hallway for belly rubs and sunbathes in front of the window when it’s nap time. Needless to say, my favorite days at work are when she accompanies me!

I have had the privilege of being Riley’s mom now for a year and half. It has been immensely rewarding to watch her grow into a silly, incredibly sweet pup. She has a spunky personality and loves to run and squeak her toys, as well as play with my parents’ “babies.”  She has altered my life immeasurably. As the bumper sticker goes, “be the person your dog thinks you are.” Opening my heart to Riley has truly made me a better person. She greets me like I’m a rock star when I come home and I try to ensure I earn that level of admiration by being a caring member of the community and treating others with respect. Riley has been my comfort and confidant, and in another month, she can add flower girl to her resume, as she will be marching down the aisle ahead of me at my wedding! I couldn’t imagine spending my “perfect” day without my “perfect" puppy!